#Tesco delivery man caught me wearing curlers on National Poetry Day

I wish I could do my hair on my own, it only ever looks good when someone else blow drys it, this was an attempt to see if I could use curlers, they were put in shit and the result was shit.

We can’t have good days everyday.  30 years ago when I was struggling with MS to get onto an escalator a friend said:

“If you have one good day for every bad then life is good”  I worked out that’s 50% of the time and decided right then and there I could manage being happy for that percentage.

It was National Poetry Day today and I was caught out because I thought it was in October, so I was caught out twice today, curlers and poetry.

I’m Happy, I’m Happy, I’m Happy, I’m not Happy anymore



Autumn colours going beautifully with #Tesco delivery mens attire

I’m off tonight to do a 50 minute new show written especially for The Guild of Psychotherapists, loosely based on ‘Sex, politics and men with grey/white beards’.

I am very excited , I was last there to see Andrew Samuels talk about his new book ‘A New Therapy For Politics ‘ .  He got a massive build up on introduction . I have asked for the same and written 1000 words about myself for the host to read out as I am very competitive.

Andrew Samuels sold his book for £20 but refused to sign it , I am selling mine for £5 and will sign anything to order.  It is a sixth of the size but a sixth of Mr Samuels book is references , therefore not his own work, making my book better value .

The time I was here before was in 2009 performing with the one and only Rachel Pantechnicon who has told me in a recent text to ‘mark her words’ in reference to her making a comeback ,  how exciting is that … 

#Tesco brought me Curly Fries while I was rehearsing for my show at the Guild of Psychotherapists this Saturday

#Tesco delivery man reminded me how to do a selfie and I did it all by myself.  I only wish I was more prepared for his arrival as I am make-up less (apart from the lipstick I quickly applied) and have more wrinkles around my eyes from 30 minutes of swimming goggle wearing.  I was engrossed in rehearsing for my show ‘Sex, politics and men with grey/white beards’ which I am performing as a fund-raiser for the reduced fee scheme at the Guild of Psychotherapists this Saturday.  The scheme is for people who need psychotherapy but can’t afford it privately and there is little psychotherapy on the NHS anymore and what there is has a waiting list of sometimes years.

I was with my psychotherapist in the 1990’s for 7 years on a reduced fee scheme.  A lot of that time I was unable to work because of MS but she still carried on seeing me when I could afford little.  With her I worked out the route and the psychosomatics of my MS, this has helped me manage life so I am able to appreciate the smaller things, like waiting for the #Tesco delivery man.

This #Tesco delivery man reminds me of the fabulous John Hegley who I have performed with many times, including in my Edinburgh Fringe swimming pool show where he happily fell out of the rubber dingey and got soaked.

With this delivery man I had a little chat about the #Tesco curly fries I bought.  I’ve never had them before but when I am shopping for 4 kids for the weekend I get bored and have to try these new things out.


Tesco Delivery Man Ronell and a gig tomorrow

There was no one else in so we did a selfie, I’ve never done one before and Ronell showed me how although I have forgotten already.  Ronell has been here lots of times but never been photographed.  He said he likes coming here because I am always happy.  I am not always happy but I am always happy when I see #Tesco delivery man (or in one case woman) drive up to the house.  We enjoyed a laugh together when we noticed that #Tesco packers had substituted a beetroot for an avocado.  All else was in order as usual with no bruised bananas.

In other news, tomorrow night (Tuesday 19th) I am doing a gig at #The Rosemary Branch Theatre, N1 3DT hosted by the #Two Pale Ladies.  I shall be onstage at 9.15pm for exactly 15 minutes, experimenting for my show on Saturday at #The Guild of Psychotherapists.

I am also experimenting with #hashtag


Tesco Delivery Man was Intrigued

This wonderful delivery man was curious about my blog and could name all the drivers I have already photographed.   He said he didn’t want his face in the photo, not because of any objection to my blog, but because he was shy.  I tried to encourage him out of his shyness and as you can see, under his hat he is smiling.  Maybe next time, he has a lovely face, as does them all.

Tesco delivery men make my day, and on this occassion he bought me 6 bottles of wine for 25% off.


It’s no good, I can’t not do it  … and here is Ramel Tesco Driver 

As it turned out Ramel has been here before and had his photo taken.  We had a discussion about how he felt about my blog  …. he was very happy so I thought best I get a photo with him this time.  I hope you like the glamerous top my husband bought me.

P.S. my thoughts go out to all those living in rural areas (e.g. North Yorkshire ) where enjoying a Tesco delivery cannot be part of weekly life, if desired or indeed needed through disability etc.)

Photographer – Daisy Bentley -Simms

… accepting that when the Tesco delivery man arrives tonight I shan’t be taking a photograph 

The methadone isn’t working , I’m trying not to focus on photography when Tesco emailed me below, tempting me with a photograph of a delivery man I recognise .

If you are near Southbank rfh get down to #pennypepper book launch/signing tonight , I can’t go cause I’m waiting for the Tesco delivery man but her new book is brilliant ‘First in the World’ I have just got a copy . 

The Fear of God and Blog and Tesco Delivery Men

I wondered that despite the wonderful Tesco delivery men being very happy about being photographed for my online blog , my son has enlightened me that there is a possibility ,  further down the line , that one may change his or her mind and take me to court and argue that I didn’t ask them for their photo even though I did, because I only signed the Tesco form , they didn’t sign a form of consent.

As I am a writer , and not one for forms  (I really don’t like forms, I fucking hate forms , especially when  they are to do with mental health) and I’m not indeed a photographer , I have decided  to rule out this very ridiculous anxiety/fantasy by ceasing photography, despite it being a big part of my enjoyment. I can still write about what they’ve said to me , but they will be anonymous ….  No one will know whether the blog will be fictional or reality …

I’ll see how I get on , I’m coming off photography  , trouble is ,  now I know I’m coming off I want to photograph them even more , there’s one coming tomorrow and I’m already getting twitchy,  and the Amazon man is coming later … I might start on them as a methadone ..

It’s Tesco Time.. celebrating my 30th year with MS

M – multiple, S – sclerosis, multiple excessive resistance to change

Clearly why I don’t use other supermarkets like Sainsbury or Ocado, but Tesco force me into change by almost always sending me a different delivery driver, and they are so often lovely and helpful, how could I possibly change?  Is this resistance or acceptance of change?  The mind/body phenomena.